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Orient (Tianjin)Corrosion Engineering Ltd.-A joint venture by Australian Orient Corrosion Engineering Pty Ltd. and Tianjin Port Group, is a professional corrosion engineering company specializing in corrosion design, installation, maintenance, evaluation and consulting in petro chemistry, power station and vessel industry. The company possesses leave C Certificate of Corrosion & Insulation presented by National Department of Construction. Orient Tianjin is devoted to adopt the most advanced technology and scientific achievement; align with most experienced leading company globally to best extend the structural service life. Orient (Tianjin) cooperates with top class companies within the industry in the world as strategical partners to import and optimize most advanced corrosion technology. The core technology of Orient (Tianjin) combines traditional corrosion technology with current most advanced computer technology, wireless communication & Internet communication technology and latest material research achievement. Orient (Tianjin) purses the philosophy of high technology, high quality, innovation and mutual development with customers. Orient (Tianjin) has made remarkable achievement in a short time and our successful symbolic corrosion projects are as follows:

  • TCT III (World's largest steel pile structure container terminal)
  • Caofeidian Coal Terminal (Asia's longest steel sheet structure terminal)
  • Tianjin Port South 3&4 Oil Terminal (China's first ICCP oil terminal maintenance project)
  • Tianjin Port 300K Oil Terminal Corrosion Control Project

Our Mission:

As a professional corrosion engineering company, Orient (Tianjin) promises to provide the most reasonable solution to our customers. We adopt most advanced technology to provide best professional services to our customers with our high-quality professional team and strict management.


Orient Corrosion Engineering has aligned with number of leading companies in the world, and we are always looking forward for mutually beneficial collaboration with new partners from around the globe.
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